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Works of Mercy Summer Camp July 2017

Works of Mercy Ministry, Inc., is a 501 (c) 3 ministry which serves persons with special needs and chronic mental illness and assists them in helping others in need. Through its programs, Works of Mercy Ministry aims to foster and build relationships, understanding, friendships, and a greater appreciation of a Franciscan Spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood in the world. Outreach to persons with disabilities on the part of the community has had a 30+ year history of sponsorship by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The ministry was separately incorporated as Works of Mercy Ministry, Inc., in 2013.  

The Population Served 

The population served consists of persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities and chronic mental illness. Also served are the families, the churches, and the institutions where many of them reside, the volunteers who help with the programs, and the donors who assist in providing the resources for the programs.

Four of its many programs 

Camp for Special People which provides persons with developmental disabilities with a week of formation in the Franciscan Tradition in a controlled setting and with regularly scheduled events and activities, and provides volunteers with the opportunity to learn about the needs of the disabled through their volunteer services. An additional by-product is the respite that is given to families during this week of camp. 

Referral Services for persons with special needs and their families and guardians. Over the extended history of Works of Mercy Ministry a strong network of relationships to services and institutions has resulted in the creation of a rich pool of resources for referrals and counseling.  

The Discipleship Program wherein persons with special needs are joined by older adults (wisdom community/senior citizens) and students as they prepare clothing, craft quilts, etc., to be given to the poor. The Corporal Work of Mercy, to clothe the naked, provides the adult with special needs the opportunity to live out their baptismal call by helping others - rather than always being the object of others’ help. 

Group Home Ministry where group homes in the State of Wisconsin are delivered religious services by a network of churches that are coordinated and trained by Works of Mercy Ministry staff.         


Works of Mercy Summer Camp June 2019


Discipleship Program

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